It is our pleasure to offer discount packages that reduce your costs.

Package Pricing:
Daytime Postpartum Care Package -- 15 hours for $600
(must be pre-purchased and used within the first 6 weeks; must be scheduled 5 days in advance; subject to availability.)

Nighttime Postpartum Care Package -- 120 hours for $4800
(must be pre-purchased, entails 30 hours per week for 4 weeks, can be extended with discount rate with 2 weeks notice, if available.)

Lactation Consultation Package -- 3 visits for $250
(must be pre-purchased and used within the 10 weeks)

Sleep Training Package -- Initial consult & 4 nights of help for $1800
(must be pre-purchased and used consecutively; includes 2 hour consultation and four consecutive 8 hour nights of intensive sleep training by an experienced and trained professional, in addition to unlimited phone calls, emails and check-ins; subject to availability.)